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Protecting your business trademark used in connection with your good or service is vital. provides information, links, tips and resources concerning all aspects of intellectual property.  Intellectual property includes not only trademarks, but also copyrights and patents. provides useful information to anyone involved or interested in intellectual property, particularly trademarks.  On the right is general information which will be useful to those who want basic information on how to file a trademark and the differences between a trademark, copyright and patent.  On the left is more detailed information, which includes trademark resources, domain name tips and tools and other useful information regarding trademarks and domain names. does not provide any legal advice.   Intellectual property is a set of complicated legal issues and an attorney should be consulted if legal advice is needed. does not endorse or control any content provided by any linked sites, nor does it assume any responsibility for the interpretation or application of any information originating from such content.

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